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Do you want more confidence or improved performance for taking tests, completing projects, or asking instructors for help?    

Learning how to learn is one way that coaching can support your aims for the future.

You create and achieve learning success goals – for your courses, towards graduation, in career or life  –  with personalized attention to developing your unique strengths, improving skills, and navigating the challenges that get in your way!

Not sure what your goals are?  Working with a coach can help you figure them out!

Gain powerful brain-based study strategies for course work and test-taking.

  • Handle learning challenges like ADD/ADHD or other obstacles that get in the way of doing your best work.
  • Gain confidence in ways that include expanding your communication skills to use with peers, teachers, or bosses.

Grow your motivation and tackle procrastination.

  • Life design strategies that narrow in on what drives your energy and action.
  • Develop positive attitudes and a growth mindset that put you more in cha
    rge of your future.

Build your capacity to graduate and succeed!

You establish a stronger internal compass with more self-awareness to design meaningful solutions.

Contact Coach Pam at or 262-210-9111 for more information

Sessions available: In person in the Greater Milwaukee area OR via phone OR Internet using Skype, Zoom, or Facetime.

Schedule a FREE Strategy Session to learn more about yourself and early steps for achieving higher achievement or enjoying life/school balance.






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