Professional Advising and College Decision Making

Deciding to spend time, energy, and money on courses, programs, workshops, or experiences for learning can be an overwhelming decision with SO MANY options!

Consider working with a coach trained in advising and life design strategies to help you become more clear on why you want to learn, what you want to learn, and the potential benefits and outcomes to be gained from the opportunity.

7 Principles of Learning

"There does not now exist, nor will there ever exist, any single theory of learning that is broad enough to account for all types of learning yet specific enough to be maximally useful in practical application." --- Dr. Christian J. Weibell, PhD

Let Life Live Through You

Let life live through you.

Be simply and unapologetically you because you are awesome

Moving Students Forward

Transition Tools and Tidbits

Life Design Catalyst

Inspires Change

New Heart Coaching & Consulting

Uniting Mind and Heart

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