Meaningful work – A visual guide to creating the life you are called to live!

September is a great time to bring your life into focus and take time to learn more about yourself.  I see people of all ages often needing more direction – sometimes believing I can simply tell them the “best” action to take, major to study, or career path to follow.  As a co-creative partner with those I coach,mentor, or advise; the answers await to be discovered inside you!  Meaningful work puts you in the place where more and more parts of the real you show up working in harmony.  When what we do resonates with our deepest essence, then a life of joy and meaning grow.  What are you willing to do to gain inside out insight for your life journey?

Bill Johnson's approach is a great starting point for learning, reflecting, and dreaming! (
Bill Johnson’s approach is a great starting point for learning, reflecting, and dreaming! (

Published by Pam Schoessling: Academic, Career, and Life Coach

I am passionate about helping people reach their potential at school and find fulfillment in their work. With over 10 years experience coaching, teaching, or advising high school and college students, I also am trained in career planning with design thinking for creating a visionary action plan to move forward. A Master's degree in Education and over 6 years of coach training programs round out my readiness and skills for increasing students' capacity for both achievements​ AND enjoying the journey along the way.

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