Curiosity about Purpose

What was I called to do with my life? A bit lost when my mother passed away about 6 years ago, and not clear about life with my children out of the house and job unsettled; curiosity about coaIMG_20150310_173959496ching and education took me to finding my life purpose in new ways! And while it was my own personal work that brought me clearer insight, it has been in viewing my life from multiple perspectives and past life experiences that brought me closer to the meaningful work I love to do!

It took a journey of my 40’s decade through inner exploration, starting via conversations with a spiritual director and then a couple of life coaches.  One is a friend who introduced me to the world of professional coaching and then a professional colleague who is a Dream Coach. Little did anyone tell me in my early adult years that learning doesn’t end, it takes a while to feel like a real “adult”, and the journey gets more and more interesting along the way!

The key to the process is the willingness to be curious…to be open to learning about the one person most hidden from me – myself!!  My purpose statement has been ref
ined here and there as I learn more about me, but also as I learn more about possibilities and new ways of engaging in meaningful work.   Curiosity is what feeds my desire to keep learning and the more I learn in this information age, the more I see the world keep expanding. But through it all, I come back to consistent values, strengths, and beliefs that ground me in my purpose of living life authentically and helping others do the same in an emotionally safe relationship.  Regardless of the words I use or the skills I gain, curiosity with growing and learning contributes to my wholehearted life.

Fun in the Sun – Enjoying Life With My Husband of 37 years.




Published by Pam Schoessling: Academic, Career, and Life Coach

I am passionate about helping people reach their potential at school and find fulfillment in their work. With over 10 years experience coaching, teaching, or advising high school and college students, I also am trained in career planning with design thinking for creating a visionary action plan to move forward. A Master's degree in Education and over 6 years of coach training programs round out my readiness and skills for increasing students' capacity for both achievements​ AND enjoying the journey along the way.

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  1. You are beyond incredible. You vision and religion believes are what people strive for. So glad to have known you.

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