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College classes for Fall are starting soon.  Check out these reasons why students benefit from connecting to an independent and long distance college success coach:

  • People like the comfort of their own place for private coaching.
  • Freedom to share life concerns and dreams with independent person who only cares about their success and happiness.
  • Being able to share anything on their computer screen with the coach AND work through assignments, goal planning, or even explore career options together.
  • Independent partner to listen and help students confidence with their own plan for learning and creating an achieveable plan.
  • Parents have freedom and confidence to loosen control and trust an experienced college professional who’s ONLY focus is on what’s best for thier family member.
  • Personalized academic and college life coaching has been proven to help students AND parents- REALLY!

Testamonial from a successful college graduate who had often struggled with classes and balancing life’s expectations.

Pam had the ability to quickly connect to you and your situation. She listens with purpose and asks the questions that you don’t want to answer but need to answer. She is truly a natural coach and facilitator. Her process is so organic. She has helped me through college during some of my most defining years. She gave me a new found sense of purpose. She has helped me redefine myself and my confidence in knowing that I’m the only one that can get in my way! Pam will get you unstuck and will make you accountable for you!


    Published by Pam Schoessling: Academic, Career, and Life Coach

    I am passionate about helping people reach their potential at school and find fulfillment in their work. With over 10 years experience coaching, teaching, or advising high school and college students, I also am trained in career planning with design thinking for creating a visionary action plan to move forward. A Master's degree in Education and over 6 years of coach training programs round out my readiness and skills for increasing students' capacity for both achievements​ AND enjoying the journey along the way.

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